Saturday, 27 May 2017


Hi. Have been modelling these past few days to COMPLETE my SPACE PORT to-night.
Overview of the completed LASERBURN Space Port.

Started out with two sheets of  MDF Custom Wood.

The Base Coat of Light acrylic Grey.

The placing of items on the Base Board.

Masking up the TARMAC.

The painting of the TARMAC in dark grey.

Removal of the masking tape - Base Board Complete.

Array of Buildings and Space Ships - view from the South.

View of the Space Port from the North.

The 'Control Tower' for the Space Port.

The 'Barracks'.

The 'Barracks' - where my Space Marines will be stationed.

The 'Administration Building'.

The Space Port's 'Storehouse' with Cargo ready for loading.

The 'Reactor Building' with 'Storage Tanks' in background.

The Cargo Space Ship - ready for loading.

The Marine's Space Ship.
(Star Wars - Toy Millenium Falcon).

A Space Jet - parked ready for action.
( Batman Jet- Toy).

The Cargo.
( Made these items yesterday from scratch).

View along Marine Parade.

View along Administration Parade.

Overview of Space Port from the North-West.

Detail showing a 'Tower'.

General view from the Storehouse across the Tarmac.

Final View of the center of the Space Port.


I have had a good five days of modelling to reach a stage where I am happy with the whole model - it will do very well for my first LASERBURN 15mm Scenario.

At present still await the delivery of my Laserburn 15mm Figures from the has been 19 days since ordering.....perhaps this coming week - a package will arrive.

I am hoping that in my next Post that I can show you some of the Laserburn figures that I have the mean time I think that I will do a Shed Tidy-up and also paint my Workbench.



Hi. Have built a 'Barracks' Building and a 'Cargo Space Ship' in 15mm- both of these items are for my future Space Port set-up.

The Barracks Building.
( This will be Home to my Space Marines).

Basic building pieces assembled for my Cargo Space Ship.

My Cargo Space Ship ready for painting.
(I have made use of MDF, Pine Timber, Styrene Sheet and Plastic Bottle Tops).

The finished Cargo Space Ship- painted 'Gull Grey'.

Front view of the Cargo Space Ship.


Yesterday I also made some Cargo pieces and some Towers and sprayed them silver.
( You will see these items in a later post -when I build my Space Port setting).

Tonight I am going to prepare the Base Boards for my Space Port setting.

Pleased with progress. Still await delivery from the UK of my Laserburn 15mm Figures.


Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Hi. Have scratch built five new buildings for my Laserburn Sci-Fi PROJECT.

The Administration Building.

The Control Tower.
I have made the buildings from MDF, Pine Wood, Cardboard and Plastic Lids.

The Administration Building- unpainted.

The Reactor Building.
(This was a left over Christmas Pudding container).

Two Workshops.

Complete array of new 15mm Laserburn Buildings.

The Control Tower.

The Reactor Building.

The Workshops.

Another view of the five Buildings.
( Yet to paint the viewing windows on the Control Tower).


Very pleased with this new batch of buildings - with some more scratch building to be done tomorrow.
Still awaiting my Order for 15mm Laserburn figures from the is hard to wait!


Sunday, 21 May 2017

My 3 PROJECTS for 2017 On wards.

Hi. Decided to limit myself to three Gaming Projects:
 (1).Colonial Fiction, (2). LASERBURN and (3). Doctor WHO.

Early Doctor WHO - Logo.

 As the bane with all Hobbies -there needs to be some limit to interests commensurate with the funds available. Yesterday and to-day I put serious thought into deciding what I would most like to do into the future regarding Gaming Projects....I have decided on just three Projects.

(1). Colonial Fiction 25mm.

Since around the mid 1980's I have dappled into my Colonial Fiction - now in 2017 I have re-built my  Wargames Foundry Collection of roughly 1860's era Royal Navy figures- along with Civilians and the enemy of 'Mutineers'. I have only painted the figures and have not  yet embarked upon building anything as yet. I'd like to build a Gunboat (HMS Thistle) along with Launches and a set of buildings that will be  in a fantasy style of architecture.

(2). LASERBURN 15mm.

In the early 1980's I did have a collection of Laserburn 'Table-Top' Sci-Fi figures which were given away/sold. Now in May 2017 -I await the arrival of a sizable order for the Laserburn 15mm figures to arrive. In the mean time I have started on scratch building some Sci- Fi buildings with more to go.
I will be painting up my Laserburn figures as 'Empire MARINES' vs 'The REDEMPTIONISTS'.

(3). Doctor WHO 25mm.

In the late 1980's I had a small collection of Doctor WHO - figures by 'Harlequin' miniatures...I had the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) and the dreaded adversary the 'Master' along with some Cybermen and Daleks. I had scratch built a TARDIS for the 4th Doctor. Regretabley all of this small collection was sold in 1993.

This evening I have placed an order for the Doctor WHO 25mm figures to replace my loss.
I count myself very lucky and fortunate that these older figures are still available - I have ordered the 3rd Doctor ( Jon Pertwee) and companion 'Jo'....also the 7th Doctor ( Sylvester McCoy) along with his companion 'Ace'....I have ordered a band of ICE WARRIORS and also 'UNIT' Troops....all up I have ordered 46 Figures along with a TARDIS.

Not sure how long the Doctor WHO order will take to arrive from the UK - though very much looking forward to it.
The 7th Doctor.



My three choices of PROJECTS are all Fictional and are suitable for Skirmish Games - which pleases me as I will be gaming Solo. There is a lot of scratch modelling to do which is also challenging.


Thursday, 18 May 2017


Hi. Laserburn holds a special fascination - way back in 1983 my first ever metal figures were those of LASERBURN 15mm -by  Table Top Miniatures. I brought the collection of 15mm figures home from Campsie NSW from a shop named 'Battlefields' ( now sadly long gone).

The first metal figures I ever painted were LASERBURN 15mm - and also the first game here at home with all metal figures was indeed LASERBURN 15mm.....I played out a Scenario here in my study on a 6ft x 4ft board- covered in a green blanket. The game was against my friend Steve (J). The Scenario was fairly simple- the bad guys had to sneak their way onto a Space Port and steel a secret Space Jet. For the game I had built a 'Hangar', 'Space Jet', 'Tarmac', 'Roads', 'Vehicles', 'Security Fencing' and 'Guard House'.

Somehow the first game was the only game - and some years later I either sold or gave away my 15mm Laserburn those years the gamers I associated with were not at all interested in Sci-Fi....seems that Napleonics, ACW, WW2 were then the go.

Now, it is May 2017 and I am re-building my Laserburn 15mm Collection- possibly to a height not before achieved....I know that I intend to build a lot more buildings and scenery than I ever had in the early 1980s....and true- the number of figures that I have ordered from the UK far surpass my original modest collection. I am a happy chappy. I am very Nostalgic about Laserburn 15mm.....It all refects a time when I was indeed very happy- painting Laserburn 15mm did make me feel very happy and contented indeed.

I have a copy of the LASERBURN Rules and the 'Imperial Commander' rules are on their way from the UK. Today Stuart (S) of the UK sent to me three documents that will help - particularly with 'Imperial Commander'....thanks heaps Stuart- very good of you to e-mail me. However, I must say that when I'm presented with a fourty page book of rules I tend to think along the lines of reducing it all down to two or three pages....hence, for my future SOLO Games of Laserburn I will probably do my own condensed version of Sci-Fi rules. This will go a long way to preserve my sanity - and enjoyment of Solo gaming.


Saturday, 13 May 2017


Hi. Had a good afternoon making five Sci-Fi Buildings. I pre-planned the buildings and kept in mind the 15mm scale.
The large building is the 'Storehouse'. The four smaller buildings are 'Offices' or 'Apartments'.

               The Storehouse is made from MDF, Pine Wood, Cardboard and plastic bottle caps.

Top view of the Storehouse.

Front view of the Storehouse.

Detail of the Storehouse.

The Storehouse painted 'Grey' by White Knight.

Corner view of the Storehouse.

Eye level view of the doors of the Storehouse completed.
( I may later change the color of the doors.).

Early this morning I purchased some plastic containers from the dollar shop.

I used my Scroll Saw to cut away the lip of each container.

The four plastic containers converted to buildings.

Detail of the unpainted Sci-Fi buildings.

The four Buildings completed in 15mm.

Detail of one of the small buildings.
(The doors are meant to fold down to form a 'ramp' for access.).

View of small building with 15mm figure for scale.

The completed Buildings in 15mm.

Last night I ordered a copy of IMPERIAL COMMANDER by Richard Halliwell & Bryan Ansell.
I already have the LASERBURN rules booklet by Bryan Ansell.
I hope that I can follow these rules- if they prove to hard for me- I can write my own version being  of  a suitably simplified form.


Well - it has been a productive day with five buildings completed. Tomorrow I hope to build another largish building for my LASERBURN collection.
To-days buildings were really to test out the tools and materials - to see what will/ or wont work.
Pleased with progress.