Saturday, 15 October 2016

PROJECT - 'IMAGINATIONS': 1704-1720 in 6mm.

Hi- Over the past few days been thinking about 6mm Baccus. I've placed an order for a modest set of two Armies for the Spanish War of Succession - with the view of turning the Armies into IMAGINATIONS types - Fictional Armies. I will need to be patient and wait about a month for the Armies to arrive.

Cheers. KEV.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Hi- Thought to post some pictures of the WW1 Infantry so far completed - based and lacquered.

1st BRITISH Regiment.

Centre- 1/2 of the 2nd BRITISH Regiment.

1st AMERICAN Regiment.

The array of Units so far completed.

The 1st BRITISH Infantry Regiment (24 Figures).

Close up of the BRITISH Infantry,

Close up of the US Infantry.


So for I am about 1/6th the way through the Figures to be painted. Been a bit slow today- didn't feel all the best and slept most of it.
Tomorrow I will make a concerted start on the Germans- at least try to complete one Regiment.

Bye for now.
Regards. KEV.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

WW1 BRITISH REGIMENT near complete in 54mm.

Hi- Have had a good afternoon and evening painting up the 1st British Regiment of 24 Figures.

Having decided upon Regiments of 24 Figures with basing done with 3 Figures per base-   I placed the painted figures with PVA Wood Glue onto the 5" x 2" MDF Bases.

Close up of half the Regiment.

Another close up of half the Regiment.


The actual Uniform colours in the Digital photos are not exactly as seen by the naked eye - the Regiment looks much better in the flesh. All up it took about five hours of painting to do the 24 Figures - being the first Regiment near completed I expect that I will be able to be a little faster at painting up the next batch.

Very pleased with the WW1 'Armies In Plastic' 54mm Figures.

Tomorrow I shall paint the MDF Bases - allowing it all to dry out -then Lacquer everything for completion.

I'm of the opinion that I find these 54mm Figures most enjoyable to paint - so much so that I do not think I will ever go back to modelling with smaller sizes of figures.

                                                                        Bye for now.
                                                                       Regards. KEV.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

WW1 GERMAN a7V TANK by Weston.

Hi- I was just nearing the building of my own German a7V Tank and last night I discovered on the Net that Weston's make a Plastic 1/32nd  German a7V and it was available from the US for $30 each. Hence I have ordered two of the a7V Tanks.

 The Tanks are fully assembled and only need to be undercoated and painted. Very Pleased. The Order should arrive here from the US in about three weeks time.

In the mean time I have plenty of WW1 54mm Infantry from Armies In Plastic to paint up.

Regards. KEV.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

FIRST 54mm WW1 British Figure PAINTED.

Hi- It got the better of me to-day and I decided to paint up just one British Figure. I mainly did the painting to see if I had the right paints for the job and I was curious to see how the Armies In Plastic British figure would turn out.
The BRITISH Infantryman was painted with mainly Tamiya Paints and using Humbrol for the Flesh Tone. Well pleased.

Will continue with the German tank building in the next few days. Regards. KEV.

Monday, 3 October 2016

DECISION on Basing REGIMENTS for WW1 in 54mm.

Hi- Last night and today have given some thought to the size of my Regiments for the Garden Battle this Summer. Initially I was thinking of Units of 18 Figures (Based in 3s) I've chosen to go larger with Regiments of 24 Figures - still based in threes.

Armies In Plastic - WW1 Germans (24 off).

24 German WW1 Figures.
To my eyes this looks like a Regiment - whereas 18 figures looks a little lean.
Hence each Regiment will consist of 8 Bases - which roughly equates that each base represents a Company and each Figure is about 30 odd men....just thinking.
An advantage of Basing the 24 Figures in threes will also allow me to go back to 18 Figures if I choose to do so at a later date.

I really like the look of the AIP Figures - a great mix of different figures.

WW1 German Regiment of 24 Figures.

AIP Box Art.


I think I have gone rather Nuts - my initial Box orders of Armies In Plastic were very  few by comparison some weeks ago- Today it now stands at 4 Boxes of British, 5 Boxes of Americans and 8 Boxes of Germans....clearly megalomania has set in!

I envisage there to be four Player participants in my Garden WW1 Battle. Each Player will be able to handle the Command of three Regiments of Infantry, One Tank and perhaps two Artillery Pieces...this will provide a balanced force - and not too big to be cumbersome to move each game turn. I do think that moving a Regiment that consists of 8 Bases will NOT be too onerous.

At this stage thinking that the 3 Figure Basing will be on a 5" x 2" MDF wooden base.
I will need to have cut some 96 bases for this Project - my German friend (Karl) is a Cabinet Maker and he has an Industrial Table-Top Saw which he will volunteer to make light work of the 3mm MDF cutting.

Well that is about it for the moment.
Back to planning the German Tanks in 1/32nd Scale.
Regards. KEV.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

BRITISH MkV WW1 Tanks Finished in 54mm.

Hi- Had a good Sunday evening building my second British MkV Tank - it took about five hours- and left the painting until this morning.

Both MkV Tanks in 54mm (1/32nd Scale).

British 'Male' MkV Tanks- left sides.

Side view of the British WW1 Tanks.

Some British 54mm Plastic Soldiers for scale.


Had a good time completing the British Tanks- well pleased with the results. I'm hoping that the Tanks will not be to dominant on the Garden battlefield- if so, I may need to increase the number of Troops involved.

This evening (Monday) I may make a start on scaling up the parts for the German a7 Tanks - I intend to build two German Tanks and hopefully should be finished them by the end of the week.

Well that is about it for now.
Please stay tunned for further development.
Regards. KEV.