Thursday, 25 August 2016

My NEW PROJECT - King ARTHUR 15mm with DBA.

Hi- About King Arthur. I have been thinking about this NEW Project for a couple of days now. As a child I had a book given to me by my older Cousin (David) which was all about 'Sir Lancelot' and I also seem to recall that the 'Black Prince' was Lancelot's adversary - I could be wrong though. The book is long gone- my older Brother had a nasty habit of selling my things to pay for his gambling...though that is another story. Three nights ago I found a Children's Annual on e-Bay and purchased it- the book reminds me of the old book I once had- however, THIS book is all about KING ARTHUR - I've yet to receive the book as it is about ten days away in the post.

The Book on King ARTHUR and his Knights was written and illustrated in 1938 - I'm hoping that the content matches the splendid book cover art- I really love this type of Commercial Art- it has charm. I think the book will be able to tell me and illustrate all about King Arthur and his deeds of those times.

Last year (2015) we were in England during May - as part of our tour of the UK
we visited Glastonbury Abby- it was there is a place within the ruins which marks the resting place of King Arthur and Lady was all rather overwhelming to be there on the other side of the World to be at this most special place.

From the Shop there on the grounds of Glastonbury Abby I purchased a pewter and gold statue of King a price of 20 GBP ...worth every penny!
The Statue reminds me of just how I'd envisioned King Arthur
would look like with his great sword, crown and helm - a perfect image.

Close up of my King ARTHUR statue.

I've always liked the story about King Arthur- his Knights of the Round Table, Merlin - Lady Guinevere, Galahad....I've read a bit on Wikipedia....and enjoy the reading and images thought about.

Last night I ordered a copy of DBA 2.2 by John Curry.
I had a game of DBA about thirty years ago with my friend Greg and remember it all to be a small Battle - with few troops and indeed an enjoyable game on a small scale.
I do like 15mm - and right now a small Army appeals to me greatly as a good project to do and it certainly will suit my budget.

 This morning I visited two of our local Aquarium Shops and managed to obtain a reasonably sized Castle which will suit what I have in mind for my Project- this Castle ornament will probably be my 'CAMELOT'....for $20...I am most pleased. I will keep an eye out for another as well for the Project.

The other night I took a proper look at the range of figures
at ESSEX 15mm in the UK.

I've taken a liking to the Late-Medieval / Early Renaisance figures in 15mm by ESSEX.
I'm hoping to build up two opposing Armies - one of which may well be King Arthur and his Knights and Men -at - Arms.
I'd like to build up two Armies that look a little different to each other so that my friend Greg and I can have a small battle on the back varandah
this coming Summer - that would be fun.

A 15mm Halberdier.

A 15mm Archer.


At this stage I hope to plan out the two armies that I will need using the 2.2 DBA Book for reference.
I can then seriously select the exact figures needed and numbers required.

However, at the moment I have little funds in my Hobby Account - such that I am attempting to raise the necessary funds through selling things I do not need - via e-Bay. There isn't a lot of money required and hopefully within a week or so I can put in an Order for ESSEX and I should have the figures by the end of September.

Well - that is about it for the moment.
Will post other News of this Late Medieval Project as time goes by.

Regards. KEV.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

ITALIAN Colonial ARMY of 1896 in 1/72nd.

Hi- Today I finished my ITALIANS for Abyssinia 1896 - with the addition of the Cavalry.

The completed ITALIAN Army with four Infantry Regiments, Field Artillery and Cavalry.

The Infantry Regiments are all converted from 1/72nd Italeri- ESCI Zulu War British.
I enjoyed particularly Converting some Officers, Sergeants and Ensigns with head and arm swaps.
I printed the Paper ITALIAN  Flags using my computer- the Poles are Piano Wire.

The Italian Field Artillery - these are Conversions from 1/72nd Italeri Union Artillery.
Originally the set is meant to have a six horse team - I only went for two Horses.

The Cavalry are Conversions from 1/72nd Italeri Union Cavalry.

The Italian Contingent's Wagon is a 1/72nd assembled kit from HAT.
I Converted the Driver into an Italian Infantry man.
( Originally the HAT Wagon is meant for WW1 - and is German).

Late tonight I set to it and cut out some MDF bases and carved some polystyrene packaging into 'Rocks'- using PVA glue - to dry overnight.  These will be eventually my 'Rocky Terrain' pieces for Abyssinia 1896 and also will serve for the Falklands.

Final picture of my ITALIAN Contingent for Abyssinia 1896.


I have fully enjoyed this Project in 1/72nd - with the completion of the Italians. I only need now to wait for the delivery of three Packets of HAT Natives to complete my Abyssinians....hopefully the mail will not take too long from Melbourne for the 'Back-Order' to arrive.

Tomorrow afternoon I will begin to work on the 'Rocky Terrain'.

Bye for now.
Regards. KEV.

Saturday, 13 August 2016


Hi- I Have spent this Sunday morning Play Testing my Rules that I had wrote last night- in a Battle which ended up lasting 13 turns.
I particularly wanted to see if the Abyssinians could in fact survive a Frontal Attack against formed Regiments of the ITALIANS with the odds of 2:1 in the Abyssinian's favour. I also wanted to check the rifle ranges, artillery firing and movement rates.

The ITALIAN Contingent -commanded by General Bambini move down the valley.

General Bambini on a slight rise - he spots the Abyssinians on a distant ridge.

The Italian Contingent moves forward.

The order is given to "Deploy! into Line!"

The five ABYSSINIAN Bands on high ground.

Ground view of the Abyssinians.

The 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th Bands of Abyssinians.

THE LEADER- 'Zao'  (nearest to camera) with his 1st band of Warriors.

Four Bands of Abyssinians.

5th Band of Abyssinians - all rifle armed.

Overall view of the Battle area.
( I looked at various photos of the Abyssinian Landscape to come up with my simple Terrain).

Italians deploying.

General Bambini patiently awaits his troops to take position.

All up it took four moves to get into position for the Italians.

The Italian Field Artillery was very slow to manoeuvre into position on the small rise.

The 1st Regiment in position on the right flank.

The 2nd Italian Regiment and Field Arty on the left flank.

Abyssinian Rifles - move forward on their east side.

Abyssinian Rifles - close up.

The Italians in position- it took forever.

Poised at the Ready - the FA Officer checks his aim on the approaching Abyssinians.

Abyssinian Rifles - form into a line for firing at long range.

Overall view of proceedings.
(At this stage the Abyssinian Leader 'Zao' is keeping all the bulk of his Warriors on the ridge- to see what the final Italian position is and how well his advancing Rifles make of it).

The Italian Field Artillery opens fire on the Approaching Abyssinian Rifles.

The result of combined Artillery and Infantry fire on the Abyssinian Rifles.

A fire fight lasts awhile....

Slowly - but surely the Natives are worn down - though they still advance.

At this stage the Abyssinian Leader 'Zao' brings forward his Warriors- Charging in fact- towards the awaiting Italian Regiments.

Abyssinian Rifles suffer from a deadly dose of 'Cannister' from the Artillery plus accurate Volleys form the 2nd Italian Regiment.

The Abysssinain Rifles fall back - unable to close any further.

Overview - showing the Charging Abyssinians - getting nearer and nearer.

All within Rifle range - accurate Volleys form the Italians force back the 3rd Abyssinian band.

On the Abyssinian East flank - the advance is halted.

'Zao' pushes on with the Charge!

A critical moment for the Abyssinians....just short of contact with their charge!

The position on Turn 11.

The Italian Field Artillery and 2nd Regiment keep up a hot fire on the withdrawn Abyssinians- casualties mount- the Warriors attempt to return fire with their rifles.

Decisive fire form the 1st Regiment of Italians at point-blank range.
The Charge of  'Zao' isn't however halted at all -and a Melee results!

General Bambini opts not to join in with the 1st Regiment in Melee.

'Zao' leads the Charge!

In the heat of the Melee - the Italians are attacked in the Flank!

The Italian 1st Regiment looses the Melee and are pushed back!

Firing onto the remnants of  the Abyssinian Bands - the 2nd Italian Regiment wheels in view of the closeness of the Melee against the 1st Regiment.

'Zao' urges his Band into a second Melee - hoping to crush the Italians.

The stoic Italian 1st Regiment repulses the Abyssinians in the second round of melee.

( At this stage in the Scenario - I deemed that because the Leader 'Zao' eventually had lost his final Melee with the Italians and coupled to the fact that his entire force of Abyssinians had lost 66% of it's entire numbers - that there was only a 25% chance of the Battle continuing ....a roll was made - and NOT to be and our Scenario ENDED.)

Casualties: Abyssinians (73 figures), Italians (8 figures).


This Scenario was a set piece battle - a straight up frontal fight - no cunning manoeuvres or out-flanking marches- pretty much straight forward and no particular tactics. I can easily tell that because of the rules and the way things turn out - that indeed it would be most possible for the Italians to loose- and loose very badly- if and when they are confronted with being further outnumbered by the Abyssinians - or out manouvred- or being attacked at much closer range or being thwarted in closer and  difficult could indeed turn completely pear shaped for the Italians.

However, I like my Rules as they stand.
At present I have two more Regiments of Italian Infantry to paint up - and I am still waiting on other boxes for additional Abyssinians....also, there are some Wagons too for the Italians.
I also need to make some rocky terrain as well - so plenty to keep me busy in the next few weeks.

Quite enjoyed this morning's Scenario- really pleased to get the figures out onto the games table and working and I do like the look of it all and the feel of the type of Colonial Battle. Hope you enjoyed it as well.

Bye for now.
Regards. KEV.